• Bella Vista and Sea Safari

    Bella Vista and Sea Safari

  • Kayaking to the Seals in Bar Harbor

    Kayaking to the Seals in Bar Harbor

  • Lady Lauren

    Lady Lauren

A few new works to leave the Studio

This past week, I had three new commissions leave the studio.  They were all so different, and I loved working on them all at the same time.  Generally, I like to keep two to three Starboard Series paintings going at one time.  I often find that if I get stuck on one painting I can move to the next one until I’ve figured out my next step for the one that stumped me.  Helps me keep that creative flow.

The first one is called Bella Vista and Sea Safari.  It was actually full chart size, however I only took an image of the painted area so it could be seen more easily.  The clients wanted their boat heading to their dock, with a view of their property and an icon to locate their home on the Sound.  Also, a special request was made to incorporate their pooch, Beau.  Love that he’s a boat dog!  The next was Kayaking to the Seals in Bar Harbor.  This one was given as a gift so they could remember the time they spent in Bar Harbor.  It turns out kayaks are quite popular and has inspired me to do more kayak paintings.  The last one is Lady Lauren.  A classic lobster boat with big waves – love painting these.  Any time I can paint big waves it’s a fun time.  All of the images were taken in the studio as preview images.